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Member since: March 7, 2007
Last visit: May 15, 2008
Name: taylOr
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Location: melbOurne (victOria)
Country: Australia
Fav. BEP: Fergie
Fav. Song: Don't Lie
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abOut me!!

hey ladie'sz nd gent'sz bOy'sz nd girl'sz ... ii is taylOr ... in case yOoh want tO nOe nefiink bOut'sz me then read this!!! ... ii lOve mii friend'sz nd family ... ii lOve shOpping and punch On'sz ii mOstly lOve mii friend'sz and my bOii ... ii lOve bOii'sz with big arm'sz (they give the best hug'sz) ... and ii lOve tO be treated like a Priincess!! ... mii favOurite persOn'sz in the wOrld are mii best bud'sz tayla, brOoke,casey, chanelle and lil nicOle ... they are physcO biAtch'sz but that is yy ii lOve'sz them sOooO fuken much ... ii lOve these girl'sz they have been there thrOugh my whOle life!! and ii can tell them nethiing ... and ii is the same fOr them ... they can walk hOw they want talk hOw they want and dress hOw they want cOz ii gOt there bak'sz and they gOt mine!!... ii cant fOrget tO give a shout Out tO mii BF and fav bOii LUKE ... ii effink lOve this kid he make'sz me laugh and he make'sz me cry (but in a good waii) ... babe this one is fOr yOoh II LOVE YOU with all mii heart and sOul and ii wuld prObably die if ii lOst yooh sO dnt evah evah evah leave me Ok!! and ii will neva evah evah evah leave yOoh!! x-cept fOr mii girl'sz yOoh are my wOrld mii sun ... mii moon ... mii star'sz ... mii universe all rOlled intO One HOTT package lOve yOoh fOr evah and alwaiiz my babii bOii!! / AM / i / UMG
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